K-9 Komfort Programs

K-9 Komfort offers flexibility and innovation in supplying your business with quality products and programs!  We can work with most ordering systems (including EDI), and we also offer credit accounts to qualified customers.

We are a manufacturer and wholesaler that caters directly to retail environments and brokers.  We do NOT sell our product directly to the public and routinely fulfill orders by the pallet (5,000, 10,000, 20,000 and more).  Our manufacturing lead time is very short as we are always in production, but we do not carry a large idle inventory.  This allows us to bring a very high quality, durable, and pleasing product to your customers at prices that are competitive with the "disposable" market from overseas - with the added benefit that you do not have to deal with Customs issues, weeks/months of shipping time, or getting a product you didn't order.

We can sell direct to you under our brand or you can choose on of our three standard programs or combination.

Our three standard custom programs include:  Brand-Your-Own, Drop-Ship, and Custom-build.  We are also interested in hearing about your needs and customizing a program or combination of programs to fit your needs.



K-9 Komfort's Brand-Your-Own Program allows you to offer your own brand of high quality pet products with no investment in manufacturing or tooling up!

All of our standard products can be branded with your identity.  At the manufacturing point we can attach your tagging or package in your supplied materials.  We can even design your custom tags for you!

Our Brand-Your-Own program is flexible:  everything from shipping raw product to arriving at your warehouse/retail location ready to hang is available.  Ask your sales rep about our options today!


Drop-Ship and ID Collar

We can fulfill your customers' orders directly from our fulfillment facility - saving you warehouse space and inventory hassles. Using your drop-shipper account, we can blind ship to your online or catalog customer directly while you reap the profit with very little effort on your part.

Along with our drop-ship program, we can also offer your customers a personalized product by engraving and attaching a custom ID plate to the collar or lead.  Our standard ID plate is brass and is sized for the particular collar width.  These are engraved and riveted directly to the collar using the same rivets with which we make our collars and leads.  We also offer hanging tags made of two-color plastic and attached via a snap-ring.  Both tag options offer a quiet or silent option - for your hunters and for the household owner!



Because we emphasize hand-made quality, we also have a very flexible manufacturing process that allows for broad customization.  Everything from new designs to embossing leather with your logo is possible.  Do you have an idea for a custom product that you would like to offer in your line?  Contact us and we will develop a program especially for you!