K-9 Komfort Electronic Collar Replacement Straps

Your customers invest in expensive electronic training collars.  The strap that comes with these collars is sometimes a last-minute decision by the manufacturer.  Give them the choice to replace it with a high-quality strap!

  • Nylon-webbing coated with aromatic ether TPU
  • 1000 lbs break strength per inch/200 lbs buckle pull strength
  • nickel-plated steel hardware.
  • standard widths:  3/4 and 1 inch

E-collar replacement straps can be used as a stand-alone collar, but it is recommended that these be used for smaller animals.

Programs Available:

  • Cutom-build Program.
  • Drop-ship ID Collar Program
  • Brand-Your-Own Program


Our standard configuration for e-collar replacement straps is a cut-to-fit option with a D ring.  At 27" in total length, these collars will fit neck sizes from 12" to 23".


Standard colors:  Orange, green, red, blue, pink, black, yellow

Special Order colors:   teal, light green, light blue