K9 Komfort Quality Pet Products

K9 Komfort offers a variety of pet, hunting, and working dog products.  We supply only as a manufacturer/wholesaler directly to retailers or brokers:

  • Manufacturing Capabilities - Our daily production capacity is currently over 5,000 units per day.  Our module-based system allows for increased capacity on a very short turn-around, allowing us to respond quickly to customer demand for increased unit production.
  • Hand-Made in the U.S.A. - Our products are completely hand-made.  Yes, we have mechanical assist machines to aid in cutting, punching, etc., but our products are handled directly by human hands from raw material to completed item.
  • Materials from the U.S.A - Unless specifically requested on a custom program, we ONLY deal with materials made and purchased in the United States. Quality control from our raw material suppliers is of the highest order - you and your customers can rest easy knowing the quality of our products starts from the components and continues completely through the performance.
  • Material Selection - Other manufacturers of similar products tend to use lower end materials to "just" get the job done.  We have tested and researched our products based on real conditions.  Unless a custom program is selected, our standard products are all made with stronger, tested materials than almost all other manufacturers.