Leather Leads, Leashes, Loops

K-9 Komfort offers a full line of leather leads/leashes.  Handmade and stitched with Bridle leather, our leather products are premium grade without the premium price.  Square cut leather is often the choice for inexpensive collars and leads - but a square cut leaves a hard corner that can cut and burn not just the dog but also the owner.  K-9 Komfort Leather edges are HAND rubbed for a beveled finish, not only giving the product a higher quality look, but also keep the sharp edge away from both the animal and the owner. 


4.5 foot 4 way leads

  • snap lead
  • slip lead (snap in traveling ring)
  • Stump/post tie
  • Wear bandoleer-style - either as a lead or when off dog


4.5 Foot with Soft Lined loop handle                                                   4.5 foot standard


Traffic Lead with Belt Loop Snap

  • Short lead for use in traffic areas - keep your animal secure!
  • Included Belt Loop Snap - loop into belt and snap into handle ring to free up both hands!

Other Traffic Leads


9 Way Braided Leather Lead

Our newest lead!  Use as a 1) 4' snap lead, 2) 5' snap lead, 3) 6' snap lead, 4) 7' snap lead, 5) two dog snap lead, 6) Slip lead (5', 6', or 7'), 7) hands-free lead, 8) tree tie lead, 9) two dog slip lead.


Belt Loop Snaps and Snap Rings